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Ullmann revisited


- Swedish actress accepts key role in Ingmar Bergman’s sequel to his 1973 Scenes from a Marriage, also co-starring Erland Josephson

Thirty years after playing Marianne in Scenes from a Marriage (1973) Swedish actress, Liv Ullmann is to star in the sequel, Saraband, that will also be directed by 84-year old Oscar-winning director, Ingmar Bergman. Saraband sees the return of Erland Josephson as Ullmann’s former husband, Johan. The plot centres on long-divorced Marianne and Johan’s meeting up again and also on Johan’s troubled relationship with a son from a subsequent marriage. This will also be Ullman’s first acting part for 12 years and fellow Swede Ingmar Bergman’s last film.
Interviewed by “Aftenposten” Ullmann said, “I would never say ‘no’ to Ingmar.” She said that she does not miss acting, “before, acting was everything to me, now the opposite is true.” Ullmann, who spent recent years directing films, said she found the change in professions difficult and accepted Saraband because “it was comfortable to take on a three-month job and not have to worry about the final result.”

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