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Leni, 100 years of Cinema


- From Hitler to herrings. Leni Riefenstahl celebrates her first century with a underwater documentary

Leni Riefenstahl, the film director behind the 1934 Triumph des Willens, considered as a propaganda film for the German Nazi party, is presenting a new film in August for her 100th birthday. Entitled Impressionen unter Wasser (Impressions under water), it is a result of six years work and features pictures of the underwater world with around 1000 shoots. Leni Riefestahl has been a diver for more than 30 years and she says it´s always been very important for her, seeing a place full of secrets and surprises. She insists that even after her 100th birthday she has work planned, especially on a project regarding the Nuba populations in South Sudan. A film of her life, with Jodie Foster is currently being planned.

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