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Pinocchio won’t be in Venice


- Benigni is upset, but he’ll be busy going between London and L.A. for the special effects of it's movie

Pinocchio won’t be in Venice

Neither Roberto Benigni nor his new film, Pinocchio can attend the Venice Film Festival this year, “in any capacity”. The producer of the Oscar winning actor and director’s new film, Elda Ferri, has definitively ruled out any possibility that Benigni can “pass by” the Lido. She confirmed that “Even if he’s upset, Roberto can’t take on any appointments during that period, because he’ll still be working on the special effects, going between London and Los Angeles”. She added “The film will be handed over at the end of September and it’s just not possible for it to be at Venice. It was known that the film may not be ready for Venice, but it’s not even been possible to organise a different type of attendance at the festival.”

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(Translated from Italian)

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