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Ozpetek and his commandments


- Love and ghosts from the past for the new film by the Turkish-born film director. His La finestra sul fronte is emotions and true sentiments as portrayed by Giovanna Mezzogiorno and Raoul Bova

Ozpetek and his commandments

Just as Italian cinema departed for a long but safe foreign journey, in Europe (Gabriele Muccino’s The Last Kiss is due for release on 11 October) and the United States (where The Son’s Room was followed by Ferzan Ozpetek’s Ignorant Fairies), work continues at a frenetic pace at home. Ferzan Ozpetek opened the autumn 2002 season in Rome when he directed the first scene of his latest film, La finestra sul fronte, starring Giovanna Mezzogiorno, Raoul BovaTilde Corsi and Gianni Romoli and has a higher budget than his last film. La finestra sul fronte is based on a novel by Georges Simenon about an encounter between a young married couple and an elderly Jewish man who has lost his memory after the suffering he endured during the Second World War. The screenplay was written and rewritten 11 times by the two producers and the film will be made over the next 10 weeks and be distributed in Italy in February 2003.
. The director calls this film a story of love and ghosts from the past that reflects all the “commandments” he adheres to both as an artist and a man. There will be no special effectors or gratuitous dexterity with the camera, “just a desire to enter the people’s minds and move them at a time at which the world is losing its ability to recognise what true feelings are.”

(Translated from Italian)

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