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Filmando a Barcellona con Abbas Kiarostami


- In inglese: Black Factory Cinema lancia il bando del primo laboratorio di regia del regista iraniano in Catalogna

Filmando a Barcellona con Abbas Kiarostami
Abbas Kiarostami

Questo articolo è disponibile solo in inglese.

Black Factory Cinema launches the call for entries for the first filmmaking workshop "Filming in Barcelona with Abbas Kiarostami", which will be held from 27 February to 10 March.

For ten days, 50 participants will have the privilege of developing a short film led under the advice and supervision of renowned filmmaker Abbas Kiarostami, one of Iran’s most influential and controversial filmmakers and photographers, and one of the most awarded and acclaimed by the international film community.

The workshop is based on creation by individual practice, so it is essential that each participant is autonomous and has basic knowledge in image and editing, as well as having access to their own personal technical equipment to shoot and edit their short (a camera and a computer equipped with an editing program).

Abbas Kiarostami will guide the pace of the workshop and decide the theme to be addressed in the short films, as well as recording times and locations where shooting will take place.

To participate for the call, follow this link.

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