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Servillo sheds Andreotti for Mazzini in Noi Credevamo


Servillo sheds Andreotti for Mazzini in Noi Credevamo

From Giulio Andreotti to Giuseppe Mazzini: Toni Servillo, sheds “Divo [+see also:
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Giulio” to take on the father of unified Italy in Noi Credevamo (“We Believed”). The new film by Mario Martone, based on Anna Banti’s 1967 novel and a script by Giancarlo De Cataldo (Romanzo Criminale [+see also:
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), offers a personal vision of the Risorgimento.

Says the actor: "Martone’s view is a very ‘inconvenient’ take on the glories of national unity. My Mazzini and the country portrayed in the film are not those of the school textbooks, they share nothing with the oleography of the Risorgimento. Mazzini is not a saint, nor is he a superman of ideology or patriotic love. He is simply a revolutionary who prepares the young Carbonari, a secret political group, to rebel violently. Who ultimately finds himself defeated, annulled by the standardisation of history."

Servillo feels Mazzini is a crucial figure for a changing Italy, "but who historically remains one of the first, and most ignored, political figures.” A warning for the present that comes from the past: "Because in Noi Credevamo, the moral and civil insurrection in the mid-1800s that was the Risorgimento is a filter for understanding Italy today, a mission that perhaps failed in unifying a future Italy.”

Luigi Lo Cascio, Valerio Binasco, Francesca Inaudi and Luca Barbareschi also star in this film produced by Carlo Degli Esposti, Conchita Airoldi and Giorgio Magliulo, in collaboration with RAI Cinema, RAI Fiction and Les Films d'Ici, and with support from the Torino Piemonte Film Commission.

Following Noi Credevamo, Servillo went to work on the Neapolitan set of Stefano Incerti’s Gorbaciof: Il Cassiere col Vizio del Gioco, produced by Teatri Uniti, Devon Cinematografica, The Bottom Line; and to be distributed by Lucky Red.

In France, the actor appeared in Nicole Garcia’s Un Balcon Sur la Mère, set among the large real estate agencies of the Côte d'Azur.

(Translated from Italian)

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