24 Weeks (2016)
Indivisible (2016)
The Reconquest (2016)
Toni Erdmann (2016)
Fire at Sea (2016)
Dogs (2016)
Frantz (2016)
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Translation service

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Audiovisual translation Service

Do you have a script to be translated into English? A press release into French? Dialogues into Italian or Spanish?

Cineuropa.org puts its pool of experienced translators at your service. All of them have worked in the audiovisual field for many years. They have perfect knowledge of audiovisual vocabulary in their mother tongues (English, French, Spanish, Italian) and are the daily contributors to the quality of your favourite website about European cinema.

Like all other services on Cineuropa.org, this one works as simply as possible:

  1. Send your texts to bernard@cineuropa.org precising the languages in which you would like to receive them.
  2. You will receive a cost estimation and a time limit proposal for sending the work back to you.
  3. If the cost estimation suits you, you will be asked to transfer the first 50% of the amount to Cineuropa's bank account. (For companies or individuals based in the EU and not registered for VAT, Cineuropa.org is obliged to charge you for it. In this case, the service will up to 21% more expensive
    You will receive an invoice for which you should send us your VAT number.
  4. As soon as the amount is received by Cineuropa, the translation will begin. You will be notified kept updated on its progress. Cineuropa engages to respect the time limit.
  5. When sending you the translation, Cineuropa will invoice you the last 50% of the agreed amount.

Enjoy this new service!

For urgent matters please call +32 2 537 19 72

About us

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