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Virtual reality conference, Berlinale Co-Production Market II


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Cineuropa presents a panel on virtual reality that took place during the Berlinale Co-Production Market (12-15 February). Arne Ludwig of Erster Deutscher Fachverband Für Virtual Reality (EDFVR, the first German association for immersive media) and Headtrip (Germany), Thomas Wallner of Deep Inc (Canada) and Wendy Bernfield of Rights Stuff (the Netherlands) each talked about their experiences with this new medium as well as the myriad opportunities that VR can offer producers and screenwriters in the years to come.

In today’s constantly connected world, VR is becoming an exceedingly interesting way of spreading new content, including concerts, sporting events, livestreams, programmes and other events. The viewer is thus immersed in an interactive world that has vast narrative potential and is quite different to that of “traditional” cinema.

Click here to watch the first part, and here for the third part.


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