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Stephen Frears • Director

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by Federico Greco

Frears: “There is no doubt that organ trafficking exists in London and the victims are illegal immigrants who sell their organs in order to get the money to survive or buy a false passport. England is a country split in two. And the two halves never meet. I wanted a different point of view from what we are accustomed to seeing. An unconventional film that was different from contemporary British comedies. It’s been a long time since My Beautiful Laundrette. This was going to be a very up-to-date drama. I think England has undergone a huge change over the last twenty years although many people haven’t realised it yet. They may be shocked by the reality of the events in this film.”
Chjwetel Ejiofor (actor): "All I did was observe. I’ve lived all my life in a multicultural world and have lots in common with Okwe. I worked hard because I wanted to do justice to Frears’ film".


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