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Freche Mädchen 2

Teaser [DE]

by Ute Wieland

Freche Mädchen 2

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The three friends Mila, Kati and Hanna - all three are with great guys - when the first problems rear their ugly heads: Mila has to spend her holiday away from Markus as she and her girlfriends are travelling with the school choir. Markus stays behind on his horse farm, which is also where Vanessa is spending her holiday. Jealousy is therefore pre-programmed... On the choir trip Antony is totally mixing up Mila's feelings. Kati and Hanna's relationships are no less complicated. Kati has met Robert at a photo-shoot. He is older than her boyfriend Tobi and has a driving licence - a total dilemma for Kati. Hanna is also not having any better a time with her boyfriend Branko. In the end there is only one way out for the three of them - splitting up!

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