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Una hora más en Canarias

Teaser 1 [ES]

by David Serrano

Una hora más en Canarias

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Claudia is an attractive thirty-five year old woman that has a good-looking husband who worships her, a handsome son whom she adores and a lover who is even better looking and whom she adores even more. Life could not get any better. But Pablo, her lover, has decided that he has had enough of being no more than that and has left her for another woman. The heroine, who doesn’t take NO for an answer, is not prepared to let him slip through her fingers. With the help of her sister Mónica, and a spot of emotional and financial blackmail, she arranges what would seem to be a simple plan to get him back. But things do not go as planned and Pablo finds himself in the middle of three manipulative and strong women who will do whatever it takes to get what they want!

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