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El dios de Madera

Trailer 1 [ES]

by Vicente Molina Foix

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Between the beginning of an arrival and the end of a farewell, "The God of Wood" tells the story of a double passionate love and a personal discovery that take place with the ilegal inmigration as its background. Yao, an illegal street seller is Animist. Rachid, a Moroccan former lifeguard who currently works as a hairdresser out of necessity, is Muslin. And with them we find Maria Luisa, a middle-aged widow, who still goes to mass but is not able to forget her past when she was Mavi, and Maria Luisa’s son Róber, who wanted to become a pianist when he was still Roberto. Now, Rober is a web designer and is in love with Rachid. The story takes place in Valencia, but it could be any other city from Southern Europe where everyday a "New World" arrives looking not only for a job, but for a look of understanding as well.

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