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My Father’s Guests

Trailer [FR]

by Anne Le Ny

mp4 (480x272) [7280 kb]

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Lucien Paumelle has always had strong convictions. A retired doctor, he remains a man of action, renowned for his involvement in numerous humanitarian causes. His commitment leads him to marry a young Moldavian woman, Tatiana, to avoid her being deported. But his children, Babette and Arnaud, soon realise that their father’s behaviour no longer has much to do with the principles he has always advocated: despite being 80 years old, is it possible that Lucien has succumbed to the charm of his radiant wife? While Tatiana and her daughter make themselves comfortable at the Paumelle home, chaos takes hold of Babette and Arnaud’s daily life. Soon, all family relationships need to be reinvented...

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