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From Life Onwards

Trailer [IT]

by Gianfrancesco Lazotti

mp4 (640x360) [12307 kb]

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Rosalba loves Danilo, a young guy whome the judge has inflicted 30 years in jail. She wants to write him but she's not familiar with writing. She turnes to her friend Katia, who 'went well' in Italian school. It's the first time Rosalba asks Katia for her help; generally the opposite happens. Since Katia lost the use of the legs, Rosalba has made herself available in a thousand ways: she gives her lits and take her around. Even those boun to a wheelchair have a right to a decent life. That's what Rosalba thinks, and she's happy to believe it. Katia obviously is grateful and couldn't wait for the opportunity to replay her. Now it has come: she will write to Danilo on Rosalba's behalf...

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