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Trailer [FR]

by Gad Elmaleh

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Forty-year-old Coco is a self-made man and a perfect example of social success. An immigrant who started out with nothing, in 15 years he has become one of the most dazzling success stories of modern times thanks to his quivering water invention. But for Coco, the greatest reward is still to come: his son Samuel’s Bar Mitzvah in six months’ time. He invites everybody to the "national event of the year" and promises some amazing surprises and a touch of Coco! So obsessed with the idea of impressing the whole world with "his" party, Coco goes over the top and comes close to madness, without realising that his wife, son, mother and all his close friends and relatives are gradually distancing themselves from him. This event becomes a moment of truth for him as a father.

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