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District 13: Ultimatum

Trailer [FR]

by Patrick Alessandrin

flv (640x360) [13895 kb]

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District 13, two years later. The government has changed, nothing else... The separating wall – ever higher, ever bigger, ever longer – has extended around the ghetto-like housing estates and the gangs that thrive there have increased their influence even further. The shady dealings are now divided between five ethnic neighbourhoods, each led by a fearsome gang chief. More determined than ever to "sort the problem out", the secret services deliberately spark things off. Damien, a cop specialised in martial arts, and Leïto, who is able to infiltrate into the district’s darkest corners, once more form a team. Their aim is to save the housing estates from chaos. Their method involves energetic fighting and chases that defy the laws of gravity.
This film is part of the District 13 Saga.

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