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Moscow, Belgium

Trailer [de-CH]

by Christophe Van Rompaey

flv (640x360) [13968 kb]

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Moscow, a working class neighbourhood in Ghent, Belgium. Matty, mother of three, bumps her car into Johnny’s truck on the parking lot of a supermarket. He is furious at the dent in his bumper and yells at Matty. She fights back. Their discussion turns into a row, and the police have to intervene. Matty takes a hot bath to recover from the afternoon’s collision when the phone rings. It’s Johnny, apologizing for his behaviour. Matty tells him to stay out of her life. Later, Johnny comes to fix the dent in Matty’s car. Her children are stunned at the sparks that fly between Matty and the much younger Johnny. Before long, they go out for drinks and end up in bed together.

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