9 Fingers (2017)
Tower. A Bright Day (2017)
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Bloody Milk (2017)
The House by the Sea (2017)
The Captain (2017)
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Trailer [GB]

by Richard Bracewell

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Polly used to be a star student. She had drive, determination, and a bright future. But that future isn’t getting any closer. Trapped by her job and fear of failure, Polly’s four walls are closing in. She's desperate to escape her dead-end life. Everybody wants a piece of her - her jealous sister, her obsessed boss. The only person who doesn’t want her is her rock star boyfriend. Tugged from all sides, she’s coming apart at the seams. When Polly has the chance to escape, her nearest and dearest have other ideas. Alone in her flat, strange sounds surround Polly. She knows she's not cuckoo, but why won't the noises go away?

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