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A Thousand Fools

Clip Educacion [ES]

by Ventura Pons

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A successful writer listens to his characters’ stories as a younger scribe struggles with his first taste of success. A young woman writes her boyfriend a goodbye letter unaware of the fact that he’s killed himself, while another woman wants to jump off a building to her death. Two lovers have sex in unlikely places anda young man puts up ads even though he knows the person following him is taking them down. An old woman empties out her life by emptying out her house, an old man dons sexy lingerie and has his son helps him put on make-up, and an elderly couple want to die in peace. A Prince Charming kisses the wrong sleeping beauty and Maria refuses to give birth toJesus. In a Barcelona that looks like 1950s New York, and accompanied by a swinging jazz score, everyone is searching for themselves as they wait for spring.

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