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Trailer [FR]

by Emmanuelle Millet

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Working as an intern in a posh art gallery, Sarah unexpectedly collapses one day while hanging some paintings, and is taken to hospital for tests. To her shock, she learns that she’s six months pregnant. Showing no visible signs, Sarah at first refuses to accept the diagnosis. An abortion is her initial solution; when that’s ruled out due to the lateness of her term, she decides to give the child up for adoption as soon as it’s born. A downward spiral is set in motion. Laidoff from her gallery job, too proud to tell her mother (who lives in another city), and ultimately finding herself homeless, Sarah reluctantly checks in to the local family clinic, which is full of other single young women in similar predicaments, though with one big difference: they all want their babies. Sarah’s tousled look and breezy avoidance tactics mask a sensitive woman who’s gradually forced to confront the reality of her impending maternity.

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