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La kryptonite nella borsa

by Ivan Cotroneo

La kryptonite nella borsa

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Every family has its secrets, but some are funnier than others. Naples, 1973. Nine-year-old Peppino Sansone has a big, chaotic family and an older cousin, Gennaro, who thinks he’s Superman. Peppino spends his days among the mad, colorful world of his young aunt Titina and uncle Salvatore, neighborhood dances, basement parties, women’s collectives, a home in which his mother has withdrawn into a mysterious silence, and a father who tries to distract him with pet fleas. But when Gennaro dies, Peppino’s imagination rewrites reality and brings him back to life, as if his cousin really was the superhero he always claimed to be. With the help of his imaginary friend, a Neapolitan Superman with shaky powers, Peppino will be able to face his family problems and better understand the adult world.

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