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De force

Trailer [FR]

by Frank Henry

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Following a series of ultra-violent break-ins, the authorities decide to give Captain Clara Damico free reign to neutralize a particularly well organized gang. Her only lead: Manuel Makarov, a renowned figure in the world of organized crime currently serving a twelve-year prison sentence. She promises him freedom in exchange for his collaboration. He categorically refuses. Lacking any other solution, she is obliged to force him to cooperate. Although wishing only to serve out his time so as to lead a quiet family life, Makarov is forced to escape and has no other option than hooking up with the All Blacks gang and involving them in a crime. He manages to infiltrate the gang. But things go awry when Damico asks Makarov to intervene with her son Cyril, a young deliquent whom she can no longer control.

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