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Il mio domani

Trailer [IT]

by Marina Spada

mp4 (480x272) [7530 kb]

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Human resources manager Monica is dissatisfied with her life, which is balanced precariously on her work and relationships, in an Antonioni-esque Milan. She is involved with company president Vittorio, whom she feels growing more distant. She has a difficult relationship with her half-sister Simona and father. Perhaps out of a hidden desire to make amends, Monica feels compelled to help her nephew Roberto, a shy 17-year-old. At a seminar on self-portrait photography she meets Lorenzo, with whom she has a brief affair but who cannot, however, distract Monica from her anxieties. At this point she must come to terms with her past. The death of her father after a long illness will give her a chance at a new start. And will help her find the courage to face Vittorio';s abandonment an d betrayal and the disappointment she feels over a job in which she once believed but has discovered is teeming with ambiguity and deceit.

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