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Cracks in the Shell

Clip Man sieht dich einfach nicht [DE]

by Christian Schwochow

Cracks in the Shell

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The story of 21-year-old Fine who is really too withdrawn and unsure of herself to be an actress. But then, to everyone’s surprise, she is faced with a major challenge when the well-known theater director Friedmann chooses her, of all people, for the lead in his new production. He sets an experiment in motion as Fine is pushed to her limits playing the extrovert and washed-out female figure of Camille. As Camille, she succeeds in nearing her neighbor Joachim and conquering him. At home, she stops being her mother’s unshakeable support in the care of her mentally handicapped sister and brings the family unit out of kilter. Challenged by Friedmann to go even further, Fine is in danger of losing hold of herself in the continuing quest for her self.

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