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Je fais feu de tout bois

Clip A world of pain [FR]

by Dante Desarthe

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Like each year at the Cannes Film Festival, filmmaker Daniel Danite tries to find a way to save cinema, in perpetual danger according to him. His current idea is that each filmmaker should choose a brother for himself. That would mean half as many films, which will therefore be twice as good. After all, didn't the movies begin with the Lumière brothers? To rid himself of Danite, a producer "friend" suggests that he should look even further afield. From the Taviani to the Farelli, from the Dardennes to the Coens, brothers abound. But, when it comes to filmmaker triplets, that's another question. Eureka! Daniel has found his calling. To stand out, he must become the third Coen brother. He leaves his wife and children and decides to do everything within his power to join Ethan and Joel Coen and to convince them they should adopt him.

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