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Nono, the ZigZag Kid

Trailer [NL]

by Vincent Bal

mp4 (640x360) [14635 kb]

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Growing up without a mother hasn’t been easy for Nono. Raised largely by his father’s secretary and long-time companion Gaby, Nono longs to learn more about his mother; all he has of her is a mysterious photo with her name, Zohara, written on the back. Nono constantly tries to impress his father, but his penchant for getting into trouble sees him sent away to his uncle, days before his Bar Mitzvah. While on the train, he finds a strange letter that directs him to complete a special task — and when he meets master criminal Felix Glick, his father’s nemesis, Nono is convinced that his father is behind his secret mission. Wearing disguises and on the run from the police, Felix and Nono head to the French Riviera, where Felix introduces Nono to his old friend, the great singer Lola Ciperola. With only twenty-four hours to go before his Bar Mitzvah, Nono not only has to complete his mission, but has to discover the truth about his origins.

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