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The Loneliest Planet

Trailer [DE]

by Julia Loktev

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Alex and Nica are young, in love and engaged to be married. They’re off on another of the backpacking adventures they live for. They pride themselves on their ability to get around anywhere on ingratiating smiles, hand gestures and four words of the native language, to eat street food without getting diarrhea, and to sleep on any surface as long as it’s somewhat horizontal. Now in the Caucasus Mountains in Georgia, Alex and Nica hire a local guide to take them on a trek. Three people alone in the wild. Or to add up the numbers another way -- a woman and two men, a couple and a witness. Slowly and subtly, tensions worm their way in. And then the incident happens. Unable to speak about the incident, they venture further and further into a shifted landscape, into an emotional terrain that is crisscrossed by shame, resentment, loneliness, vulnerability, sexual tension, and the constant underlying possibility of violence.

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