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Mai stati uniti

Trailer [IT]

by Carlo Vanzina

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Italy 2012. It 's time of crisis. Angela, Dario, Carmen, Michhele and Nino have very little in common between them, in fact, to be honest, do not even know each other. But one day, they get a call from a notary who will convene them for an emergency in his office. That 's where the five meet for the first time and find out the reason for this unexpected call: the reading of the will of a certain Vanni Galvani. He was their father. A strange man, who always wanted to live free, no strings attached. At the end of his life, however, he felt remorse for his children. And now asks them to apologize and begs them to forgive him. And so begins the curious journey of a family that has never been such, and still is not...

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