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by Pippo Delbono


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Late 2011. Pippo Delbono and Giovanni Senzani, former leader of the Red Brigades recently released from prison, decide to discuss their relationship with death, violence, dreams of revolution, today’s world and an Italy in ruins. For a book, or a film… But as if reality was toying with their project, death catches up with them. Pippo has to rush to his sick mother, a devout Catholic and a former school-mistress who detested communists… Meanwhile, Giovanni’s wife Anna, who has patiently waited for the 23 years he was in prison, has also fallen ill. Despite all their efforts, the two women die, just three days apart. Pippo and Giovanni suddenly find themselves orphaned, defenseless, bereft of their usual front. During this time we also see L’Aquila, the town ripped apart by an earthquake, emptied of its inhabitants, the object of promises and political campaigns, now solitary, another abandoned orphan, waiting for someone to finally bring it back to life.

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