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Friends from France

Trailer [FR]

by Anne Weil, Philippe Kotlarski

mp4 (640x360) [9957 kb]

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Summer 1982, Leningrad. Jérôme Berkowicz and Carole Brikerman go through customs to enter the USSR. They’re cousins, both aged 18, and they’d look like the perfect young couple on an organized trip if it wasn’t for their incongruous raincoats and the sweat running down Jérôme’s face. Inside their clothes are hidden pockets full of books, key rings, chocolate and medication. If Jérôme, so different from Carole, wasn’t secretly in love with her, he would never have followed her into this. “Hello, we are friends from France”, they whisper in the evenings in phone booths. Their mission is to make clandestine contact with and bring help to Soviet Jews who face persecution – the “RefuZeniks”.

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