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The Blind Spot

by Daniel Harrich

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While reporting on the right-wing bombing at the 1980 Munich Oktoberfest, investigative journalist Ulrich Chaussy is shocked by the amateurish investigation. He experiences first-hand, how the victims and their families have become disillusioned and have lost their faith in justice and their hope of ever hearing the truth about the most severe terrorist attack in post-war German history. Despite continuously being confronted with inconsistencies and blatant contradictions over three decades of research, he refuses to give up. Chaussy has to defend his reputation, is ridiculed by friends and colleagues as a conspiracy theorist or dreamer and scornfully nicknamed 'Mr. Oktoberfest'. He eventually finds evidence of scandalous failures and cover-ups by the authorities. Without realizing it at first, he has put his marriage to a serious test and put his own life in danger.

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