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Ricky: Three's a Crowd

Trailer [DE]

by Kai S. Pieck

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10-year old Ricky knows no fear, but still comes off worst against his cooler, bigger, brother Micha (15), who is always telling him to “Piss off!” His parents’ woodworking shop provides the one place where Ricky feels safe, but the business is in trouble, the family’s existence in the balance. With emotions high, Micha’s running dispute with his father threatens to boil over. Things change when tough girl Alex (13) moves to the village. Micha has the hots for this unusual girl, but because she plays very hard to get he employs his clever, younger, brother as his spy. In return, Ricky gets Micha for his bodyguard, 24/7, and the two become a team: Ricky finally has the close relationship with his brother he has always longed for.

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