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Pulce non c’é

Trailer [IT]

by Giuseppe Bonito

mp4 (640x360) [8982 kb]

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Pulce is nine years old, has two bright eyes and is listening to a tango; she communicates continually even though she cannot speak. Mamma Anita has tried for years to improve her life. Papa Gualtiero is a doctor with a grumpy look who invents recipes based on potatoes that he recounts as fairy tales to his daughter to calm her nocturnal panic. On a day like all the others, Pulce is taken away from the family without any explanation. Her father is the victim of a monstrous accusation. Through the wandering, dreamy gaze of her sister, Giovanna, we enter the daily life of an abnormal family with its language devised for someone who can only speak through images, a family whose chaos is full of emergencies and love. Without rhetoric or pathos, we explore the clash between the adult world and that of children, between illness and normality, between the rigidity of institutions and affective bonds.

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