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Wer ist Thomas Müller?

Trailer [DE]

by Christian Heynen

mp4 (640x360) [8675 kb]

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Thomas Müller is 45 years old. He listens to 28 minutes of music a day and has sexual intercourse 117 times per year. He is catholic but goes to church only once a year. His wife is called Sabine. They live with their fifteen-year-old son Alexander in a 90 m2 rented apartment. This average German, a person constructed by statisticians, is a highly important entity in the fields of economy, advertising and politics. It goes without saying that he does not actually exist. But how do the people who share Germany's statistically most frequent name live? A journey across Germany puts a face to the average German and offers some answers. We meet a musician, soldier, prisoner, football player, teenager and a dead man – all of whom share the name Thomas Müller. Are any of them the one we’re looking for?

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