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Song'e Napule

Trailer [IT]

by Marco Manetti, Antonio Manetti

mp4 (640x360) [10292 kb]

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Naples, today- Paco, a conservatory graduate, is a refined but unemployed pianist. His mother finds an influence peddler to get him into the police. His total ineptitude relegates him to a judiciary warehouse. Then Commissioner Cammarota, a crime-fighting bulldog, orders him to go undercover and join the band of Lollo Love, a neo-melodic singer hired to perform at the wedding of Antonietta Stornaienco, daughter of the boss of Somma Vesuviana. Rumour has it that O’Fantasma, the faceless killer Cammarota has been chasing for years, will be at the wedding. Paco is really in trouble: risking his life on the frontline, playing music he hates, dressed like a jerk. It will be the turning point of his life.

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