Heal the Living (2016)
I’m a Killer (2016)
May God Save Us (2016)
Suntan (2016)
The Unknown Girl (2016)
The War Show (2016)
After Love (2016)
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Bruno Smadja • Cross Video Days, founder

Bruno Smadja • Cross Video Days, founder

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Cineuropa met up with Bruno Smadja, CEO and founder of Cross Video Days, to discuss the objectives of the Cannes Film Market's NEXT pavilion and his company.

Cross Video Days is a platform dedicated to the whole world's media, on which they can share content and work together. Bruno Smadja explains his company's philosophy: "Where content meets technology". Indeed, for them, content creation requires new technologies in order to evolve, and vice versa. The two worlds should work together.

This year at Cannes, Cross Video Days is introducing four projects that imagine how new technology and new media could help films in terms of developing their creativity.


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