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The Ornithologist (2016)
May God Save Us (2016)
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Liz Rosenthal • Power to the Pixel, CEO and founder

Liz Rosenthal  • Power to the Pixel, CEO and founder

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Cineuropa met up with Liz Rosenthal, CEO and founder of Power to the Pixel, to talk about her participation at the NEXT pavilion in Cannes and its objectives.

The founder of Power to the Pixel, Liz Rosenthal, explains how the company helps filmmakers, authors and distributors to adapt to new audiences and to the changes in the industry in order to ensure they are still relevant. Power to the Pixel's main work is communicating between traditional cinema and new media; it represents a kind of bridge between these two worlds. The firm's line of work is based mainly on a creator's idea, on what he or she wants to express, and not so much on the format that should be adopted.



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