Nico, 1988 (2017)
Lots of Kids, a Monkey and a Castle (2017)
The Nothing Factory (2017)
Out (2017)
Sunbeat (2017)
Redoubtable (2017)
Thelma (2017)
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Sam Toles • Vimeo, Vice-president

Sam Toles • Vimeo, Vice-president

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Cineuropa talked to VIMEO vice-president Sam Toles at Cannes Film Market's NEXT pavilion.

Vimeo is a web platform for young film creators or video lovers to which they can upload their creations and share them with the whole world. Vimeo gives them the tools to manage the sale and distribution of their videos wherever and with whomever they want. This concept is revolutionary because it gives back the decision-making power to the directors, and they are the ones who choose how their film will be distributed.



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