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Casper & Emma - Best Friends

by Arne Lindtner Næss

Casper & Emma - Best Friends

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Petra about to celebrate her fifth birthday. What she wants most of all is a dog. But Petra's mom, who is a vet, says that one must be a little older to take care of a dog. But Petra insists that five years is more than old enough! Karsten dreads to start a new daycare. But when he arrives in the kindergarden, he meets Petra. She also has a stuffed animal that comes alive, and from that day Karsten and Petra are best friends. They play together all the time, even though Sigrid often teases them. Karsten is there when Petra meets the old and very cute dog, Bassa, for the first time. Petra falls in love with Bassa and wants to take her home immediatly.

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