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We´ve Got Time

by Abdolreza Kahani

We´ve Got Time

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Iranian student Emad and a French girl Caroline have been living together for a few weeks in a borrowed flat in Besançon, where the girl has a job taking tourists round the Victor Hugo Museum. Both know that they have no future together, since Emad intends to return to Iran. The trouble starts when Caroline tells Emad that she is pregnant and he, somewhat thrown off balance, tries to persuade her to have an abortion. The girl isn’t against the idea, but she keeps deferring. Over the next few days, during which the couple constantly argue then patch things up, something comes to light which sets their relationship on quite a different course. The narrative is structured on the gradual revelation of various circumstances relating to a single situation, in which each character reacts in a different way while attempting to hide their own secret right up until the dramatic finale. This subtle psychological drama involving two main protagonists was shot in France by Iranian director Abdolreza Kahani, whose film Twenty won the Special Jury Prize at KVIFF in 2009.

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