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M et le 3ème secret

Trailer [FR]

by Pierre Barnérias

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For 2000 years, one woman amongst all women has shaken the world and its inhabitants. She is probably the most popular woman on the planet. She is the reason for one of the greatest world gatherings, challenges down through the centuries undisputed scientists, carries out thousands of prodigious feats, has lately increased her apparitions, delivers secrets to illiterate children, makes icons weep, and transmits apocalyptic messages to whoever wishes to hear them. Her name: Mary, common to three religions. A Jewish woman whom Muslims pray to. A goddess for Hindus, the mother of God for Christians, and the last resort for non-believers. The film proposes, for the first time, to lift the veil upon the different interventions of this historical and biblical figure, whose writings annonce that she will take part in the final battle at the end of time. For this, the Vatican has kept something closely hidden: the third secret of Fatima. Decades of silence, refusals, prognostications. And what if the Vatican didn't tell all during the official revelation in 2000 of this message delivered 83 years earlier by the Virgin Mary? This is the subject of this film. An original investigation to discover, in the four corners of the Earth, the mulitple faces of this mother who, for 2000 years, reassures, consoles, heals, and calls out...

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