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La nostra terra

Trailer [IT]

by Giulio Manfredonia

La nostra terra

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Filippo has been dealing with anti-Mafia activities for years, but has done so from his office chair in the North. When he’s asked to help a cooperative from Puglia, given a small farm that was confiscated from a ruthless Mafia boss, but which can’t manage to get going on account of ongoing boycotts, Filippo reluctantly has to get stuck in. Fearful, anxious and hopelessly bureaucratic, he won’t have an easy time in this small southern village governed by its own dynamics, and he’ll be tempted more than once to chuck it all in. He’ll hang on thanks to the courage and passion of the members of this cooperative, lead by the Mafia boss’ former farmer Cosimo and by the beautiful and determined Rossana, both with a past to redeem. However, along with their first organic tomatoes, an unwelcome visitor will reappear; Nicola Sansone, the Mafioso and former owner of the farm who was sentenced to house arrest and who, from his villa above, will watch closely and interfere in every way in the struggle for legality by this group of volunteers.

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