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Cristiano Bortone • European producers association "Bridging the Dragon"


Producer and founding member Cristiano Bortone spoke to Cineuropa about a new association to help professionals to better position their films and companies on European and Chinese markets

Cristiano Bortone • European producers association "Bridging the Dragon"

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Chinese film market has become the second largest film market in the world after the US. At the moment several European countries are negotiating co-production treaties and organizing producers' missions to China to establish stronger commercial relationships with this market. But exchanges between our two film industries remain complex and limited.

A group of European and Chinese producers have joined forces to create a new professional organisation called Bridging the Dragon whose aim is to contribute filling the gap between these two film worlds. The programme intends to guide and help professionals content-wise and business-wise in order to better position their films and companies on each other's market. The vital element is to start developing a network of pro-active film professionals, from both Europe and China, who have taken the strategic decision to build long lasting collaborations with the targeted film industry and market. From 2015, Bridging the Dragon will regularly organise events at international film festivals for its members, combining specific lectures and networking.

The association has its headquarters in Berlin and Shangai. The director of the programme is Sophie Bourdon, former Chief Executive of ACE. Among the founding members are Senator and Claussen+Wöbke+Putz Filmproduction from Germany, Lemming Film from Holland, Ridley's Scott's Scott Free Production from UK, Orisa Produzioni from Italy/Germany, Bona Film Group Limited, China Blue and Road Pictures from China, Dragoia Media from Spain, Sweet Films from Norway.


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