The Nothing Factory (2017)
Memoir of Pain (2017)
Giant (2017)
Verónica (2017)
The Insult (2017)
Montparnasse Bienvenue (2017)
Loving Vincent (2016)
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by Stefano Incerti


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A man travels in a station wagon, looking for something, perhaps the loot from a forgotten robbery. A dark-skinned woman is abandoned then chased by a small-time gangster, from whom she may have stolen something big. Why does Donato decide to help Norah, and take along her with him on his mysterious trip? Why doesn´t Norah leave Donato? Why does she stay with him to very end, to find out what´s truly behind his search? A chance encounter between two desperate souls backed into a corner. Against the backdrop of a barely recognizable Italian province. A place-less landscape forever buried in snow.

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