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Noi e la Giulia

Trailer [IT]

by Edoardo Leo

Noi e la Giulia

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Three unfulfilled 40-year-olds, Diego, Fausto and Claudio, run away from the city and their old lives - three perfect strangers who find themselves united in the endeavour of opening an agritourism business. Sergio, a 50-year-old mad man who is well past his sell-by date, and Elisa, a decidedly unhinged young pregnant woman, soon join them. But then Vito, a curious Mafioso, pulls up on the scene in his old Giulia 1300, demanding protection money and standing in the way of their dreams. This threat forces them to resist his tyranny in a rather extraordinary fashion, and this breathes life into an unpredictable, illogical and tragicomic adventure. A desperate sort of resistance is born… one that we would all like to partake in… if only we had the courage.

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