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The Choice

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by Michele Placido

The Choice

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Laura and her husband Giorgio love each other. Laura and Giorgio do not manage to have of child. Each evening, on her way back from the Music Academy, Laura can choose between two routes: the platforms over the river, spacious and reassuring, along illuminated ways, or the maze of tiny streets across the big market, bunch of smells and amazing mix of communities. In the evening of her birthday, Laura chooses the market’s way and goes for a walk in the displays. This particular evening, in one of the alleys of the market, a shadow pushes her into a car and closes the door. This is a rape. Laura and Giorgio find a way to survive, they learn how to love each other again, they build a new love and take back their life. Two months after the drama, Laura learns that she is expecting a baby. And here comes a dramatic choice. What happens then, when the best wished gift comes by the worst way?

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