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Snow Pirates

Trailer [st en]

by Faruk Hacihafizoglu

Snow Pirates

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It is 1981… Turkey is at the dawn of one of its most atrocious coup d’etats and its hardest winter… That winter, coal’s value equals almost the same as diamonds. Three children, Serhat, Gürbüz and İbo, whose treasury is made up only of their sleds and dreams are about to start a journey in pursuit of coal. Its blackness contrasting the white of the snow, through their travels they will discover the power of solidarity. In a search of some pieces of coal to put into the furnace, the heros’ find intelligence and strength within this struggle and inspiration to look where no one has looked before. An innocent adventure for heating, situated under the shadow of the coup d’etat, will turn into a landmark journey where they come face-to-face with the realities and responsibilities that coming-of-age brings.

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