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About a Girl

by Mark Monheim

About a Girl

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Charleen, 15, quick-witted and sassy, is Kurt Cobain’s biggest fan and wonders why “growing up” has to be so complicated. One day, feeling especially melodramatic and rebellious, she decides to pull the plug on her life. Luckily, she fails – and discovers what fun life and love can really be! This upbeat, feel-good young-adult film stars sensational break-out star Jasna Fritzi Bauer alongside Emmy-nominated Heike Makatsch (“Love, Actually”, “Hilde”) in a spot-on depiction of a teen who revises her view on life after her failed suicide attempt. This fun and touching debut, directed by Mark Monheim, is a cheeky plea for love of life, even if life rarely turns out the way we expected!

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