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by Dusan Milic


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SLAV, 18, eager first person shooter gamer from disadvantaged social background, is hired as the best among his friends, to be a real-life killer for the Serbian mob. A war refugee, born in Slovenia, thus in rare position not needing valuable American visa, he accepts the latest assignment trip to Las Vegas to gun down a criminal insider under Serbian state witness protection program. Slav enters the neon city's high style living, spots and tails the target and his two official bodyguards, eyeing their habits and behavior. The closer he is, the deeper he penetrates into the corruption and arrogance of the criminal classes of the Serbian society. Slav fathoms the deeds the villain did in past as a cruel warlord. Looting, raping, slaying. Today he is even protected by his fatherland to indict and expose important political opponents, getting freedom and money in return. And Slav never had either of them. Anger overwhelms him as he realizes he himself is a product of such war atrocities and social circumstances, a part of the human debris on the very bottom, even maybe 'the son' of the rapists. Now the time has come for the 'father' who must be killed! Slav haunts down the Serbs through the kaleidoscope of artificial worlds depicted in Las Vegas. As a dedicated first person shooter, just as in games but this time for real, he uses his skill to give chase and shoot and execute his mission in the fountains of blood.

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