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Il paese dove gli alberi volano

Clip 2 [it st en]

by Davide Barletti, Jacopo Quadri

Il paese dove gli alberi volano

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It's been fifty years since Eugenio Barba founded his theater troupe Odin Teatret in Scandinavia. In the summer of 2014, an enormous party celebrating its past and future doubled as an unforgettable show in the small Danish town Holstebto, where the troupe has been based for half a century. In the visionary atmosphere of this film, an original portrait of Eugenio Barba emerges, as he tackles not just staging a performance but the realization of his life's dream in an imaginary community in the making. Teenagers, adults, actors, musicians, dancers, spectators, and even flying trees all have a hand in Eugenio Barba's glorious experiment; his energy may be disorientating, but he's focused on the goal: the creation of a uniquely fragile, unrepeatable event.

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